"The most amazing, life-altering, eye-opening, practice-evolving, friendliest
and generous of gifts"
- Margaret Stewart, Photographer

Every symphony you hear, every play you see, every dance you experience every painting and sculpture you see, and every book you read, begins its life with a person in a room with an idea and a passion. The Hermitage provides the room for accomplished creators in a spectacular, inspiring environment. Our artists bring their brilliant ideas. Together, with nature, we feed the passion, and we share it all with our community. This is the work of the Hermitage.


We are excited to announce our second big city arts tour featuring work by our esteemed fellows as it is presented in galleries and on stages in a major American city. The trip will be to Chicago and the dates are May 26-29, 2015. Among the planned activities is a world premiere in music. Hermitage fellow Anna Clyne's The Seamstress is a violin concerto for orchestra being performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and renowned violinist and Greenfield Prize jurist (2012) Jennifer Koh. There will be 36 available places for the tour group. Admiral Travel is coordinating the logistics for all the activities.

Our New York City trip in 2013 was an amazing success. The constant comment from those who attended and those who only heard about it was "when is the next trip?,"" and "I'm coming the next time."" Well that time is now. The planning began when we learned of Anna's premiere in May. With that in mind, we dug a little deeper to see what other artists had work going on in the Windy City and before we knew it, a great itinerary came together. It's very exciting.

For more details on the itinerary, the flyer, and to download the registration form, click HERE.


We are proud to share our talented people with those in the region through our community programs. Check our calendar and blog for up-to-date information on Hermitage news and events. Interested in volunteering? Our Friends of the Hermitage organization offers many excellent opportunities.