"The most amazing, life-altering, eye-opening, practice-evolving, friendliest
and generous of gifts"
- Margaret Stewart, Photographer

Every symphony you hear, every play you see, every dance you experience every painting and sculpture you see, and every book you read, begins its life with a person in a room with an idea and a passion. The Hermitage provides the room for accomplished creators in a spectacular, inspiring environment. Our artists bring their brilliant ideas. Together, with nature, we feed the passion, and we share it all with our community. This is the work of the Hermitage.


The Hermitage Artist Retreat and New York City’s American Opera Projects (AOP) have formed a partnership that will result in two six-week residencies (over two years) to be called Opera Genesis Fellowships. This newly created program allows for two composer and a librettist teams from AOP’s Composer & the Voice (C&V) training program to be invited to continue the development of a contemporary American opera at the Hermitage’s inspiring Gulf Coast campus.

The first team will be selected in 2016. The Hermitage was created as a place for mid-career artists to come and work on new art, We have acres of beachfront property on the Gulf of Mexico and serve four to five invited artists of all disciplines at any one time. It’s a quiet, peaceful and inspiring setting. Many new operas have already been written and composed here. We know this new partnership with AOP’s C&V program will produce more exciting work that will eventually be enjoyed in opera venues throughout the country.

Recently, the Hermitage and AOP held a joint fundraiser in New York City expressly to fund the Opera Genesis Fellowships. Headlining the fundraiser was the celebrated singer, actor, performance artist Meredith Monk who was interviewed by Joseph V. Melillo, Executive Producer of the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Approximately $15,000 of its two year $30,000 goal was raised that evening. Should you want to participate in this project as a funder, we urge you to call Linda Mansperger, Development Director at 941-475-2098 Ext. 2.


We are proud to share our talented people with those in the region through our community programs. Check our calendar and blog for up-to-date information on Hermitage news and events. Interested in volunteering? Our Friends of the Hermitage organization offers many excellent opportunities.